Why A Business Degree with Coventry University at PSB Academy

Posted on: 21st July, 2021

By Gowri Kunasegaran
Bachelor of Arts with Honours In Business And Marketing

In today’s fast-moving digital economy, many employers require continuous upgrading of skills from their current and prospective employees. As an executive in the government sector, I knew I needed a business degree to build advanced skillsets and open up opportunities to climb up the corporate ladder and pursue higher-paying careers.

As one of Singapore’s leading private education institutions, PSB Academy partners with Coventry University to offer business degrees. Coventry University offers a range of business disciplines in the part-time mode that caters to busy working professionals like me.

Below are some of the reasons I thoroughly enjoyed my time while studying at PSB Academy and Coventry University.

Industry-Ready Curriculum

Being industry-ready is the golden word of today’s employment market for fresh graduates. PSB Academy and Coventry University managed to reduce the gap between what students learn in the classroom and what is required in the employment market.

One example is the Personal Effectiveness module that enabled me to reflect and understand my behavioural traits in different circumstances and how I can leverage my strengths. The Digital Marketing module had exposed me to explore the effectiveness of promoting online and how I can improve customer experiences and enhancing e-commerce value.

The course had a clear objective in mind. It is not rigid and allows room for flexibility, coupled with proper monitoring and evaluation.

Dedicated Pool of Lecturers

Your learning can only be as good as the lecturers. Bringing in their industry experiences from the corporate world, the lecturers are highly dedicated. They would go the extra mile to connect with every student and push the weaker ones to reach greater heights. The teaching styles of the lecturers focus on collaborative and discussion-based learning, which I have adopted in my career to improve communication and enhance interpersonal relationships.

Vibrant Learning Environment

Located conveniently at Marina Square, the City Campus is equipped with writable-walls classrooms, lecture theatres, study areas and a learning resources centre that promotes robust learning.

PSB Academy’s ethos of allowing students to freely debate even after lessons have helped us cultivate a learning culture outside a classroom setting. Throughout my business degree, I had the opportunity to learn and contribute with classmates of differing ethnicities both in Singapore and from overseas.

The lecturers encouraged exchanging of different viewpoints among fellow students from multicultural backgrounds by creating an open ground through Blackboard e-Learning breakout sessions, unbiased grouping of students, assignments, and final year project activities. These require sharing ideas and experiences with other students from differing backgrounds coming from overseas too. This is an efficient teaching strategy that reduces prejudicial attitudes and embraces a multicultural workforce for the future. Such teamwork facilitates a successful holistic learning experience that I appreciate as a key in a multicultural institution like PSB Academy.

Availability of Online Learning

Covid-19 has shifted how lessons are conducted. When the pandemic hit, PSB Academy had made a smooth transitioning to Blended Learning to ensure the safety of the students and staff.

Blackboard was a lifesaver during Covid-19 when we were unable to attend physical lessons. Online learning was undoubtedly the most effective method. It provided me with the flexibility to learn at my own pace even after class as the lessons were accessible for playback anytime repeatedly.

Disclaimer: All views and statements expressed are solely personal opinions and do not represent those of PSB Academy or other people and organisations.