Varsity Clubs


Student life is never dull at PSB Academy. Discover your passion and connect with your peers through our student clubs and international communities. What’s more, hone your leadership skills as a student leader and gain real-world experience through workshops and company visits organised by industry student chapters.


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Student Council 

Student council, a team of passionate individuals aim to provide students an opportunity to develop their leadership, relational and organisational skills.














Leadership Camp & Commissioning Ceremony 

Held every September - October, new student leaders are formally appointed to their interest clubs then equipt with team bonding activities to help develop their strengths and leadership skills.


PSB U-nite

Held every January, PSB U-nite aim to re-connect student leaders and their club committee members after the long break during the end of the year.


Awards & Appreciation Ceremony

To acknowledge and honour active student leaders, lecturers and staff who have contributed significantly to PSB Academy’s campus life.

Interest Groups


Community Service Club 

Giving back to the community is at the heart of our Future Makers, and our torchbearers do so at events such as the Food Donation Drive, and Birthday and Festive Celebrations.



Dance Club 

If you’re into dancing and have unique moves to showcase, or just want to learn new tricks, you are more than welcome to join the club. Take a break from your hectic schedule and have some fun. Why walk when you can dance?



Music Club 

If you have a deep passion for music, this is the creative outlet for you. Imagine a group of talented individuals getting together for a jamming session or performing in school events. You’ll also get the chance to learn how to do live sound mixing.



Photography Club 

Our shutterbugs capture every Instagram-worthy moment. If you would like to dabble in the art of photography or hone your skills with fellow enthusiasts, bring your camera and get into action. Workshops and outings are organised to help you refine your craft.



Sports & Adventure Club 

Various activities like badminton, basketball, rock-climbing, running, and cycling are organised to engage students off-campus.


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Industry Student Chapters

IES PSB Academy Student Chapter 

Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) is the national society of engineers in Singapore. The student chapter advances the art, science and profession of engineering, and provides a platform for engineering students in Singapore to network. Student members will gain access to “The Singapore Engineer” e-magazine, talks, workshops and industrial visits.



IET PSB Academy On Campus 

The Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) is one of the world’s largest engineering institutions with over 168,000 members in 150 countries. The student chapter organises technical hands-on workshops, industry visits and guest lectures. In 2017, the student chapter won the Global IET Group of The Year Award.



PSB Academy IPRS & Media Club 

Want to embark on this exciting journey in Public Relations and Communication? Come on board now!


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International Communities


 Global Student Club 

The latest addition to the family, Global club welcomes students from Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and many more. 



Chinese Student Club 

The club paves the way for Chinese students to meet and connect through social activities. It also organises Lunar New Year celebration with other student groups to showcase the Chinese culture.



Indonesian Student Club 

Expect nothing less than social and cultural activities from the Indonesian students to promote mutual understanding among all students. Their schedule is packed with gatherings and regular sports games, all year round.



Korean Student Club 

Annyeonghasseyo! Make yourself feel comfortable and get to know the gracious members of the Korean Student Club. You’ll also find the opportunity to interact with other international students through Korean language lessons as a way to soak up the ever popular K-culture.



Myanmar Student Club 

Be immersed in colourful Burmese tradition and festivities – such as ‘Thingyan’ Burmese New Year Water Festival and Ka Htein donation to monasteries. There are also notable activities like receptions to welcome freshmen and BBQ parties for students to meet regularly.


 STA_South Asian

South Asian Student Club 

A place where South Asian students can feel comfortable learning and interacting with one another while helping them feel closer to home at PSB Academy. Discover various fun activities – from welcoming the new students to celebrating Diwali.


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