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Have a passion for making a positive impact on the lives of others? Embark on a meaningful ​​​​​​and impactful journey in healthcare with PSB Academy’s nursing course, and gain the knowledge and skills to boost your career trajectory as a nurse in Singapore today.

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Why Study a Nursing Course in Singapore?

Nurses form the backbone of Singapore’s healthcare system and are in high demand, particularly following the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic alongside the ageing population. Nursing may seem to revolve mainly around patient care, but in reality, it is a well-rounded profession with diverse specialities. This means that nurses can choose a career path that aligns with their interests and passions, offering immense potential for personal and professional growth and stringent demand on skills.

As the healthcare industry rapidly evolves to respond to the changing demands of society and emerging medical technologies, nurses must continuously upgrade their skill sets to stay relevant in the market. Further studies in nursing are thus essential to enable nurses to acquire the skills to better plan, implement and analyse contemporary healthcare services and identify strategies to meet challenging societal needs.

Support for Studying Nursing in Singapore

Fortunately, Singapore is taking great strides to support the development of nurses’ careers. As part of the Ministry of Health’s CARE Package¹, nurses in Singapore also have opportunities to develop their careers through Career Development, Autonomy, Recognition and Education. At PSB Academy, we share the same commitment and determination to help registered nurses progress in their careers, which is why we offer the Bachelor of Nursing Degree course.

Navigate the Evolving Healthcare Landscape with PSB Academy

​​​​​​​The nursing degree by La Trobe University offered at PSB Academy is designed to offer more than just classroom lessons. That is why our degree programme adopts an innovative approach to nursing education and greatly emphasises coursework and evidence-based practice. Through this teaching methodology, we ensure that students are equipped with the skills to put their theoretical knowledge into practice to solve real-world problems in the nursing profession.

Committed to delivering the highest quality of education, our curriculum is developed in collaboration with La Trobe University. As ​​one of the top 11 universities in Australia for nursing, the course promises rigorous training spearheaded by subject matter experts.

By enrolling in the degree programme, you will also be able to study and gain exposure to a broad range of topics, including nursing patients with chronic illness and engagement in professional nursing. For instance, several changes are observed in Singapore’s healthcare scene. An example is the ​​​​​​increasing prevalence of chronic diseases shared by Minister Ong Ye Kung at the Singapore Health and Biomedical Congress2.

Alongside this is the latest​​​​ government directives, such as​​ Healthier SG, which focus on having healthcare practitioners work more closely with patients to develop personalised health plans. Meanwhile, an integrated health and social ecosystem will also be established, all in the effort of helping individuals achieve their health goals and stay active. In response to these changes, the course is structured to ensure you are prepared to address the most pressing healthcare needs of today.

Being a student in PSB Academy’s nursing programme, you can also leverage our tripartite membership with ​​​​Singapore Nurses Association (SNA) to participate in SNA’s nursing activities. This means you will have the chance to enhance your learning experience and expand your professional connections, which will be useful as you progress in your nursing career. Above all, the programme is accredited by ​​​​Singapore Nursing Board, which assures ​​​​that you attain a credible nursing degree in Singapore.

Developed with working practitioners in mind, our nursing course is structured to be a part-time programme, empowering nurses to balance their professional commitments while pursuing their degrees. Nursing is a fulfilling and rewarding profession that requires lifelong learning to ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments and offer the best care possible to your patients.

If you are interested in upskilling and expanding your practice as a nurse in Singapore, PSB Academy’s nursing course is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. Speak to us today to learn more about our programme, or browse our course funding support page to check for eligible financial assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nursing Course in Singapore

1. How long is a nursing degree in Singapore?

PSB Academy’s nursing course is 24 months long, and each lesson takes an average of two to three hours.

2. How much is a nursing course in Singapore?

The course fee for PSB Academy’s nursing degree is S$23,551.76 for students based in Singapore and S$21,196.59 for members of the Singapore Nurses Association.

3. What to study in a nursing course?

PSB Academy’s nursing degree covers a broad range of topics. These include nursing and midwifery research, education in health professional practice, healthcare ethics and law, nursing individuals with chronic illness and engagement in professional nursing.

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