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About Edith Cowan University

Edith Cowan University (ECU) provides the ideal learning environment for individuals who want to reach their potential. Since its establishment in 1991, ECU has taken the opportunity to reshape the way higher education is delivered in a distinctive and inspiring campus environment.

With a focus on developing future-ready learners, ECU courses are strategically developed in consultation with industry, ensuring their relevance and practicality. Meanwhile, the teaching staff, with their extensive industry experience and networks, not only enrich students’ minds but also broaden their professional connections, paving the way for their fulfilling future careers.

This approach has been awarded with five-star ratings for undergraduate teaching quality over the past fifteen years. The university’s consistently high ratings for overall education experience and skills development reported in the Good Universities Guide 2023 also exemplify this. Having more than 30,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students is a further nod to ECU’s academic excellence.

Edith Cowan University’s Courses at PSB Academy

Committed to providing an exceptional learning experience, PSB Academy proudly provides a selection of Edith Cowan University sports science courses. The STEM wing in our Singapore campus offers various helpful resources designed specifically for students pursuing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

From advanced equipment to high-tech computer labs, we create a conducive environment with all the tools necessary for you to excel. Complementing this is our degree programmes’ robust curriculum.

Sports Science Course

If your passion lies in the dynamic world of fitness and health, the Edith Cowan University Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Sports Science) is the perfect choice. Ranked among the top six universities in Australia for sports-related subjects, you can benefit from the course in the following ways:

  • Breadth and Depth: From human nutrition to sports psychology, you will gain a profound and holistic understanding of the different aspects of sports science, which opens doors to diverse career paths.
  • Relevance: Under the tutelage of experienced lecturers and certified personal trainers, you can be confident that you are acquiring up-to-date knowledge.
  • Applicability: The course’s Exercise and Sports Practicum allows you to understand how theory can be applied to real-world scenarios, better preparing you to enter the workforce.

Begin Your ECU Education Today

Ready to unlock your full potential through a holistic education? Discover our range of Edith Cowan University courses at PSB Academy below and take your first step into a brighter future now.

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