Career Fatigue Management: How to Recharge from a Lack of Motivation

Posted on: 26th May, 2023

Let’s face it, even if you’re head over heels for your job, there are times when you simply find no meaning in your tasks and lack the motivation to work. Or perhaps you feel that work is just sucking the life out of you more than usual. When you find yourself being listless or utterly uninspired, unsatisfied, and unproductive, it’s possible that you’re facing an insidious adversary known as career fatigue, and you are not alone.

A study has found that 20% of Singapore’s workforce reported feeling demotivated on the job, which is double that of the Asia average. Notably, 85% were at risk of burnout, and more than 50% had the intention to quit their jobs within the next half to one year. While you may be tempted to shrug it off and let time take its course, feeling burnt out and demotivated can take a toll in various ways.

Impact of Career Fatigue and Lack of Motivation

Decrease in Productivity

Burnout can have significant consequences on various aspects of your work performance, ranging from increasing the odds of miscommunication and making mistakes at work to reducing one’s motivation to work. But more importantly, its repercussions extend far beyond work-related concerns.

Notably, feelings of burnout can fuel negative feelings of stress and anger or encourage behaviours like alcohol and substance abuse as a coping mechanism. These behaviours strain your relationship with loved ones and can trigger health problems from headaches to gastrointestinal issues and even mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

But it’s not just the individual who suffers. Your colleagues may feel the effects of your burnout and lack of motivation in ways such as increased absenteeism or attrition, which disrupts the work distribution in your company and team morale. Fortunately, recognising your signs of burnout and how it affects you is the first step towards regaining control of your life, and there are many ways to recover from career fatigue.

Strategies for Fatigue Management and Recharging Your Motivation

Making an effort to incorporate self-care into your daily routine is a good starting point. For instance, you can take breaks and cultivate optimistic thoughts. But apart from these, here are a few key aspects to consider to combat career burnout and a lack of motivation effectively.

1. Development and Management of Career Goals

When your work is not aligned with your principles and beliefs, it can increase stress levels, catalysing fatigue and demotivation. As such, tackling the root cause of your negative emotions requires thoroughly evaluating your current work style and reconsidering your career goals.

Reflect on the significance of your job and your responsibilities at the workplace. Do you feel valued for your contribution and a sense of identification with the company culture and management? What is most important to you, and how could you add more meaning to what you do?

Once you identify your values and what is lacking in your professional life, you will be empowered to reshape your role to better align with your goals, personal values, and professional interests. This creates purpose and direction in your daily routine, making it easier to avoid getting burnt out and stay motivated in your career. If you feel like you’re not in the right profession or job, you will also be better positioned to take measured steps to transition into a career that fits you better.

2. Focusing on Professional Development

Investing in your professional development can be another way to help with the management of career fatigue and lack of motivation. For starters, consider taking a short course. Through this, you can gain fresh perspectives about the industry that reignite your passion for work and provide you with alternative paths to explore in your career.

Alternatively, applying for a sabbatical leave to further your education can be another option to consider. Going on a sabbatical to study can upgrade your professional skills and give you the time and space to reassess how you want to move forward. Taking a master’s degree in Singapore can be a good choice, as it further provides you with the qualifications to advance to senior management roles in your career.

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