Is a Bachelor’s Degree Necessary?

Posted on: 20th June, 2024

In today’s competitive job market, the debate over the necessity of a bachelor’s degree continues to spark discussions. While some argue that skills and experience are more important, the importance of higher education in securing job opportunities and achieving success at the start of one’s career cannot be overlooked.

Is a degree necessary in today’s world to unlock better job prospects, higher earning potential, and greater career advancement opportunities? Let’s explore in this blog.

A Bachelor’s Degree Can Open Doors to More Job Opportunities

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree have more job opportunities and are more likely to be employed than those without. According to the GES 2023 polytechnic statistics, 55.5% of fresh polytechnic graduates found full-time employment within six months of graduation. Conversely, in a survey reported in The Straits Times, 84.1% of university graduates secured full-time employment within six months of graduation in 2023.

These figures indicate a clear preference among employers for candidates with bachelor’s degrees, and how it only enhances job prospects but also significantly increases the likelihood of securing full-time employment shortly after graduation.

A Bachelor’s Degree Can Increase Your Starting Salary

The correlation between higher education and higher pay is well-documented. According to the GES 2023 polytechnic stats, the median gross monthly salary for fresh graduate diploma holders was $2,700 in 2023. In contrast, degree holders often command higher salaries. For example, the SkillsFuture Private Education Institution (PEI) GES in 2022/2023 found that fresh PEI graduates have a median gross monthly salary of $3,400, significantly higher than their diploma counterparts.

Beyond initial earnings, the long-term financial benefits of having a degree are substantial. Degree holders tend to experience greater salary growth over time, leading to higher lifetime earnings. High-paying jobs in fields such as engineering, information technology, and health sciences typically require knowledge taught with a bachelor’s degree to get your foot through the door, underscoring the financial advantages of higher education.

A Bachelor’s Degree Can Lead to More Career Advancement Opportunities

A bachelor’s degree can also lead to better career advancement opportunities. Employers often look for candidates with degrees when considering promotions and leadership positions. The skills and knowledge gained through higher education can be critical in meeting the demands of more advanced roles.

In the Ministry of Manpower’s 2023 Labour Force Survey report, it was found that bachelor’s degree holders in PMET roles were more likely to participate in training (whether initiated by their employer or themselves) to gain skills that would increase the potential for career and wage progression.

Continuous learning and higher education are essential for professional growth. Successful professionals often pursue further education in the form of top-up degrees, postgraduate degrees or master’s degrees to stay competitive and for career advancement.

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