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About The University Of Newcastle, Australia

To address the growing regional education demands, the Newcastle Australia Institute of Higher Education (Newcastle Australia) was incorporated in Singapore in 2006 as the Asia Pacific hub of the University of Newcastle, Australia (UON). This establishment facilitates the vision of providing future-ready leaders with superior education while fostering collaborative research within local and regional educational institutions.

With a robust team of academics and teaching staff based locally, students and graduates of the UON in Singapore will benefit from the university’s excellent support schemes. To date, the UON has proudly graduated over 6,000 students across 39 countries.

The University of Newcastle, Australia Courses at PSB Academy

Choosing where to pursue your education is a significant decision, and the University of Newcastle, Australia offers compelling reasons to consider it your ideal educational partner:

Reputation and Competitive Edge

The global standing of the University of Newcastle, Australia showcases the academic prowess and research-focused approach of this institution. Known for its dedication to innovative research and rigorous academic standards, the UON’s ranking of 197 within the world’s top 200 universities solidifies its commitment to industry-relevant curricula.

Choosing the UON courses at PSB Academy means equipping yourself with knowledge and skills necessary to achieve potential success. As a result, our students graduate as not only academically proficient individuals but also as professionals ready to take on the competitive global market.

Teaching Staff for Support

The University of Newcastle, Australia believes in the power of exceptional teaching. The university’s lecturers are based locally, providing students with access to a wealth of industry expertise and academic wisdom.

Whether you’re considering getting a graduate certificate or a bachelor’s degree, the courses offered at PSB Academy are taught by a dedicated faculty. They provide personalised attention, academic guidance, and support, creating a nurturing and enriching learning environment. This focus on quality teaching ensures that UON students can excel both in their studies and future careers.

An Education with a Global Perspective

Pursuing your education with the University of Newcastle, Australia at PSB Academy opens up a world of opportunities. We offer students a truly international perspective on their chosen courses, fostering a global mindset that will serve them well in today’s interconnected world.

The diverse student community and internationally-recognised degrees provide a global context to local learning. This enhances the richness of the academic journey at the University of Newcastle, allowing students to draw from a wide range of perspectives and experiences.

By choosing the UON, you are stepping into a multicultural learning environment, one that broadens your horizons, challenges your preconceptions, and prepares you for success. Experience an education that cultivates intellectual curiosity, fosters innovation, and encourages personal growth.

Diverse Range of Courses at the University of Newcastle

PSB Academy offers a wide range of UON courses across multiple disciplines. These programmes cater to various academic aspirations, whether you’re interested in Business, Communications, Mechanical Engineering, or Information Technology.

These courses are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the chosen discipline and equip students in Singapore with practical skills, setting the foundation for successful careers. With full-time and part-time options, we accommodate diverse learning needs and schedules, making education accessible to all.

Experience the University of Newcastle, Australia at PSB Academy

Our alliance with the University of Newcastle, Australia, signifies a convergence of global perspectives, innovation, and industry relevance. The University’s notable reputation and commitment to academic excellence assure students of a transformative learning experience that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Embark on your educational journey with the University of Newcastle courses at PSB Academy. Be part of a learning community that nurtures intellectual curiosity, fosters professional development, and encourages personal growth.

Explore our selection of courses or more partnerships with reputable universities worldwide.

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