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Why Analytics Courses?

Analytical thinking and innovation, complex problem-solving and critical thinking and analysis are listed amongst the top five valued skills for 20251.

Singapore’s data analytic services industry contributes at least S$1 billion yearly2, and it is expected to bring big changes across industries such as finance, supply chain, retail, healthcare and many more3.

A good starting point for you to find the right guidance and learn new skills is to take up a business analytics course or even a data analytics course.

Why PSB Academy?

As the Best Educational Institute – Singapore4, PSB Academy is proud to offer industry-focused courses in data analytics across various levels such as Diploma, Master’s Degrees and even short course certification. Students will benefit from:

  • Full/part-time learning options,
  • Accessible City Campus near Promenade, Esplanade, and City Hall MRT stations, and
  • Conducive learning environment with large auditoriums and seminar rooms

Go Further

A-Level holders and mature candidates can enrol for our Diploma in Business Analytics, where they can dive deep into modules such as descriptive analytics and predictive analytics. Upon completion, they can further their business degree studies with our partner universities5.

At the postgraduate’s level, students can go for Master of Analytics, where they can learn data mining, analytics and choose to specialise in the finance or marketing tracks. Upon completion of the programme, students will also receive the globally recognised Statistical Analysis System (SAS) certification. Working adults may also choose to enrol for the 100% e-learning courses such as Introduction to Python Programming, Fundamentals of Data Science or even Advanced Visualization.

4APAC Insider 2019
5 Subject to the entry requirements

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