How Precision Medicine in Life Sciences is Changing Healthcare

Posted on: 08th September, 2023

The wheels are in motion to reform Singapore’s healthcare system. With the rollout of initiatives like Healthier SG, healthcare providers will work more closely with individuals to take charge of their health and formulate individualised health plans. This paradigm shift thus shines the spotlight on the discipline of precision medicine.

What is Precision Medicine

Precision medicine, also known as personalised medicine, refers to a medical model that proposes the customisation of treatments and prevention strategies to each patient’s unique characteristics. This model of healthcare acknowledges that factors such as genetic makeup, lifestyle, and environment play a significant role in an individual’s health and susceptibility to diseases.

By harnessing advanced technologies like genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics, healthcare professionals gain deep insights into a patient’s specific needs. Armed with this knowledge, they then create personalised treatment plans that minimise side effects and maximise the likelihood of positive outcomes, particularly in cancer treatment and pharmacogenomics.

Requisite Skills in Personalised Medicine

As the local healthcare industry increasingly reorientates its focus towards precision medicine, individuals aspiring to pursue a career in the industry will benefit from acquiring the following approaches aligned with this transformation.

1. Proactive Prevention and Disease Management

One of the hallmarks of precision medicine is its proactive approach. Rather than just reactive treatment, healthcare professionals will now focus on predicting an individual’s risk of specific conditions based on their unique genetic profile and environmental factors.

To embark on a successful career in healthcare in the future, it is thus crucial for you to  that contributes to disease onset and progression. This is where enrolling in life sciences courses such as the La Trobe University Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry and Molecular Biology or the La Trobe University Bachelor of Biomedical Science offered at PSB Academy can be beneficial.

These programmes can open your insights to topics like Human Biosciences, which enables you to explore the intricate interplay of genetics, evolution, physiology, anatomy, and more. Meanwhile, modules like Human Pathophysiology delves into abnormal changes in body functions that drive disease processes. Armed with this knowledge, you will be equipped to contribute to disease prevention and management in your future career when the healthcare industry shifts towards personalised medicine.

2. Precision Treatment

Precision treatment is another pivotal component of personalised medicine, which considers each patient’s unique genetic makeup. By identifying specific genetic variations that contribute to disease progression, precision treatments offer a targeted and individualised way to address health concerns, leading to optimal outcomes with minimal side effects.

Through the La Trobe University Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology at PSB Academy, you can delve into subjects like Molecular Genetics and Genomics. This field of study enables you to explore the intricate structure, function, and interactions of genes within the genome at a molecular level. As a result, the programme enables you to possess the knowledge required to develop personalised treatments, thus giving you a head start in your future healthcare career.

3. Drug Development and Pharmacogenomics

Besides exploring the underlying biological aspects of diseases, precision medicine is also concerned with utilising advanced technologies to facilitate the creation of customised treatments. By pursuing the La Trobe University Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and Pharmaceutical Science at PSB Academy, you will have the opportunity to explore topics such as Biopharmaceutics, which can help you in this aspect. This branch of study focuses on understanding the chemical and physical properties of drugs, as well as their biological effects. Acquiring this knowledge will prepare you for the intricate work involved in drug development.

Meanwhile, all four life sciences degrees at PSB Academy offer Pharmacology, which offers you a comprehensive understanding of the uses, effects, and modes of action of drugs. By enrolling in one of these bachelor’s degrees, you will gain the necessary training to excel in drug development-related roles, giving you an edge in the job market when you kickstart your future career in the healthcare industry.

Upon graduation, you can further progress to the La Trobe University Master of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. Under this programme, you can double specialise in biotechnology and bioinformatics, which enables you to comprehensively learn how to harness vast data sets from omic sciences. With knowledge in data mining, you will be equipped to mine population health data and use this knowledge to drive research and innovation in precision medicine. Through these ways, the course provides you with a competitive edge when you pursue a future career in precision medicine.

Prepare for the Future of Healthcare with PSB Academy

As Singapore’s healthcare system transitions into one where healthcare professionals play a greater role in meeting the community’s needs, exciting opportunities arise for individuals aspiring to pursue a career in the field. If you possess a passion for learning about the human body and contributing to innovative medical solutions, now is the time to pursue your passion, and you can start this journey by enrolling in one of PSB Academy’s life sciences courses.

The life science bachelor’s and master’s degrees at PSB Academy are offered by La Trobe University, which ranks among the top 15 universities in Australia for Life Sciences and Medicine according to the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022. This attests to the quality of the curriculum in providing you with a solid educational foundation.

Moreover, studying at PSB Academy grants you valuable hands-on experience with industry-standard equipment in purpose-built science labs. These facilities allow you to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings, fostering a comprehensive understanding of both theory and practice. The labs, designed based on over a decade of experience in teaching life sciences, also ensure that the equipment you use aligns with the demands of your future job and ease quickly into your career in life science.

Notably, La Trobe University also ranks among the top 14 universities in Australia for Graduate Employability according to the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022. Upon completing your degree, this distinction gives you an advantage in the job market.

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