Your Future as a Life Science Degree Graduate

Posted on: 14th September, 2022

As we continue to grapple with the pandemic, the importance of life sciences and its daily applications are at the forefront of everything we do. This is especially true for the fields of biochemistry, biotechnology, and bioinformatics; all of which have implications for safely containing epidemics and preventing the spread of viruses. If the ongoing pandemic has renewed your passion for all things connected to life sciences, why not read on to find out more about what your future could look like with a degree in life sciences?

A World-Class Pharmaceutical & Research Hub

Eight out of 10 of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical and medical technology firms have set up their regional headquarters in Singapore. Since 2009, the likes of Baxter, GSK, and Roche, have established commercial production facilities in Singapore. Meanwhile, French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi has commissioned a $638m vaccine facility in Tuas, Singapore, which is slated for completion sometime in 2025.

All this bodes well for Singapore’s thriving pharmaceutical hub, which is constantly on the lookout for life sciences graduates – in the form of clinical research scientists, laboratory technologists, epidemiologists, and more.

Singapore’s position as a world-class pharmaceutical and research hub is already paying dividends. Scientists from the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) have also invented a non-invasive tool for gauging the kidney health of patients by scanning their retinas.

Preparing For A Career In Life Sciences

If you have your heart and mind set on a career in life sciences, PSB Academy has everything you need to help you succeed. Our life sciences degree courses are all delivered by La Trobe University, one of Australia’s leading research universities in microbiology, chemistry, and more, since 2012. Choose between the:

You’ll have access to subject experts as well as purpose-built science labs. All our life sciences degrees are available on a full-time and part-time basis.

Opportunities After Graduation
Whether it is Biological Technicians, Microbiologists or Biomedical Engineers, exciting career opportunities await life science graduates.

1) Work For The Public Health Sector

For graduates interested in contributing to the development of public health     , they can consider working in the public sector in a research institute or a government agency. For example, Biomedical Science graduate and PSB Academy Merit Scholarship recipient Vinoshini managed to marry her passion for science with her desire to work on research that advances the collective understanding of biology. After graduating from La Trobe University, she met her life aspirations by working as a medical technologist in a COVID-19 lab.

Janus Lee, also a Biomedical Science graduate from PSB Academy, currently works as Research Officer (RO) in the Healthcare Sector. He conducts research on diabetic kidney disease and looks for biomarkers to assist in its clinical diagnosis. Studying at PSB Academy provided him with the skills and knowledge to pursue this career path and equipped him with the independence to carry out research.

2) Venture into Research Field

Upon graduation, you’ll also find a rich variety of career options in Singapore’s flourishing pharmaceutical and research space. You’ll have the chance to make contributions to Singapore’s allied health sector, by undertaking projects involving the development of medical devices.

Teo Wei Keat, a Bachelor of Biomedical Degree graduate currently works as a research assistant. At present, the focus of his team’s research surrounds cancer progression, and he explores how translational medicine can be applied through the use of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). The practical application of science, along with industry-standard laboratory facilities offered at PSB Academy in partnership with La Trobe University, made studying here a fulfilling experience for Wei Keat.

3) Pursue a Medical Degree

As for students who are interested in pursuing medicine, PSB Academy’s life science degree offers a good stepping stone to be able to eventually. For example, graduating from PSB Academy’s life science programme made it possible for alumni Danielle to make her dreams of becoming a doctor a reality.

The degree gave her a strong foundation paving the way for her to ace the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), scoring among the top 12%. This made it possible for her to enrol in Duke-NUS Medical School. She enjoyed the rigorous, well-balanced curriculum offered at PSB Academy and how it prepared her for the fast-paced nature of a professional setting.

4) Continue Your Master’s Degree in Life Science

After completing a degree at PSB Academy, our Life Science Degree graduates also have the opportunity to further their studies by pursuing postgraduate studies. Mid-career professionals also can consider such studies if they wish to deepen their knowledge and skillsets.

Those who are keen to do postgraduate studies in the field of life sciences may consider our Master of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics course, which is also delivered by La Trobe University. The course offers a holistic approach to advances made in the natural sciences and also places a strong emphasis on data analytics competency, which is crucial for doing research with biological data. This will help lay the groundwork for students to obtain a PhD. Students will also have the opportunity to undertake a research thesis, which will allow them to conduct about 25 to 30 hours of experimental research per week alongside a researcher.

Chart Your Next Chapter with PSB Academy

The life sciences industry is immensely diverse and robust, with job prospects that are rife not just in Singapore but also abroad. Our life sciences alumni at PSB Academy have gone on to work in Covid-19 laboratories and in cancer research. If you’re wondering what life is like at PSB Academy and how a life sciences degree can help you get a headstart in your career, contact us today.