The Business Postgraduate Degree Landscape in Singapore

Posted on: 26th April, 2022

To remain competitive and to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly digitised, connected world, it’s key for employees to embrace continual learning throughout their careers. Postgraduate degrees can provide just that, offering various benefits and opening the door to opportunities. In this article we provide an introduction to the different types of postgraduate options you can consider.

Why pursue a postgraduate degree?

Some of the benefits of earning a postgraduate degree is the increase in job opportunities and earning potential. Some employers require that candidates applying for management positions or senior roles possess a master’s degree, giving those who have one an advantage over those whose highest qualifications are an undergraduate degree. A postgraduate degree can help you build your resume and pursuing such a course can build your professional network and relationships with other individuals in your field.

Close to 90% of recruiters surveyed plan to hire MBA graduates in 2021, up from 77% in 2020 according to GMAC’s annual survey of corporate recruiters. An MBA can also help you command a higher salary and advance your career faster.

Business Postgraduate Options at PSB Academy

Postgraduate Diploma

If you’re looking to deepen your knowledge in your field but are hesitant about whether you can commit to a master’s degree, a postgraduate diploma is a great alternative. They are shorter, requiring you to complete fewer credits and do not include having to do a dissertation. It’s also a great opportunity for mid-career professionals hoping to switch careers or for fresh graduates with an interest in this field.

For example, PSB Academy’s Postgraduate Diploma in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management teaches students the fundamentals of the industry, in areas such as optimising product flows, improving logistical processes and supply chain

Master’s Degree

Our Master’s degree in business programmes duration ranges from 12 to 24 months and require students to complete either a dissertation or a business project before graduating. When considering doing a master’s degree, it’s important to take into account your career aspirations.

A popular postgraduate degree choice, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme, also gives one a leg up by giving them a greater chance to be considered for management roles – allowing for career advancement opportunities. Designed for aspiring leaders and individuals assuming leadership roles, an MBA provides students with a holistic understanding of strategy and all business functions, from accountancy and financial management to business development, to marketing. It is ideally suited for those who already have a strong business acumen and already hold managerial positions. Armed with the know-how from the MBA, students can also venture out and pursue entrepreneurial opportunities, starting businesses of their own.

At PSB Academy, we have partnered with several renowned universities, such as University of Nottingham and The University of Newcastle, Australia, to offer master’s degrees in business management. The coursework is designed to give students an excellent understanding of how a business operates and to equip them with the practical skills and knowledge to make executive, strategic decisions.

Graduate Certificate

Positioned for people who are aspiring to take on leadership roles in the future, the Master of Business Administration offers individuals in the working world the opportunity to upgrade their skills and knowledge in a particular field. The University of Newcastle, Australia’s Graduate Certificate in Business Administration teaches students the fundamentals of business, by covering topics such as managerial decision making and human behaviour. For those looking to do the Newcastle MBA, our graduate certificate is a stepping stone towards it.

Doctorate degree

A doctorate degree is the highest level of postgraduate education that you can earn at PSB Academy and enables industry practitioner to develop research skills. Equipping you to reach mastery of your research topic, a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) allows you to extend your expertise and drive thought leadership. It provides the opportunity for advanced investigation in a range of business fields, including international management and organisational behaviour. A DBA emphasises research that is relevant to your professional practice.

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Aimed to help individuals hone their leadership skills, our postgraduate degree options are designed to complement your existing educational foundation, providing you with the skills and knowledge to advance your career journey. Enquire with us today.