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Pathways for ITE Graduates After NITEC Examinations

After obtaining your NITEC or ITE results comes the inevitable question, ‘What’s after graduation?’ Perhaps you want to take the well-trodden path of applying for a higher NITEC course or a three-year polytechnic programme before pursuing your degree. But if you desire a diverse experience that develops you – holistically, PSB Academy makes an excellent choice.

We offer various certificate and diploma courses to help graduates acquire the expertise for thriving careers in diverse fields. Our courses offer valuable and industry-relevant learning opportunities with our esteemed university partners from the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

The possibilities for your education become limitless when you engage with the global learning curriculum offered by our esteemed university partners. By collaborating with these credible institutions, PSB Academy opens doors to a vast array of academic opportunities, allowing you to broaden your horizons and acquire knowledge from diverse perspectives across the globe.

Progression Pathways at PSB Academy

For ITE graduates considering higher education, there are available options at PSB Academy to explore. To make an informed decision, here are the various types of certifications that you can pursue in Singapore through PSB Academy:

  • Certificate Courses: PSB Academy offers a wide selection of certificate courses in Singapore, such as business management, engineering, infocomm technology, media and communications, and sports and exercises. These programmes are aimed at providing our students with a strong foundation in their studies. Upon completion of a certificate course*, students can progress to study in one of our Diploma programmes, followed by degrees awarded by our renowned university partners.

*For selected courses. Not applicable for foundation, professional or English certificate programmes.

  • Diploma Courses: If you aspire to pursue a Bachelor’s degree – eventually, enrolling for a Diploma at PSB Academy is ideal. PSB Academy offers a wide range of diploma courses designed to support the future aspirations of ITE graduates and enable you to possibly gain entry to degrees awarded by our university partners. Our partnership with reputable schools worldwide makes it possible for ITE graduates to progress from a certificate to a degree.

Certificate Courses at PSB Academy

To ensure students benefit fully from higher education, enrolling in a PSB Academy certificate course is a prerequisite for our Diploma programmes. These six-month-long courses are crafted to help ITE graduates build a solid foundation that prepares them for the rigours of a diploma.

Recognising the diverse career aspirations of students, we offer certification in diverse disciplines as follows:

Recommended Courses Offered at PSB Academy for ITE Graduates

  1. Certificate in Business Studies (E-Learning)
  2. Certificate in Business Management
  3. Certificate in InfoComm Technology
  4. Certificate in Engineering Foundation
  5. Certificate in Media and Communications
  6. Certificate in Sport and Exercise Sciences
  7. Foundation Diploma in Life Sciences

Diploma Courses at PSB Academy

After fulfilling the attendance and passing requirements of our certificate course, ITE graduates can advance to a diploma at PSB Academy. Spanning across nine to 15 months, the short duration is an advantage for individuals looking to obtain their cert quickly.

Above all, our courses provide opportunities for advancement to a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline, and students can choose from these fields of study:

Embark on a Fulfilling Educational Journey at PSB Academy After ITE

With the diverse opportunities our school offers, coupled with the guidance from our dedicated team, you can trust us to support you every step of the way, so you achieve your goals after graduation from ITE. Wish to find out more? Read about what our students say today

Frequently Asked Questions About ITE Cert and Options for Graduates

How much can an ITE graduate earn?

According to recent data by ITE, salaries for entry-level graduates typically range from S$1,800 to S$2,200. However, after obtaining a Diploma or Degree, students can expect salaries from S$2,300 to S$2,854 and S$3,175 to S$6,375, respectively.

Is the ITE certificate a diploma?

The ITE cert is not a diploma. To progress to a diploma, graduates can enrol in programmes offered by institutions like PSB Academy.

What is the requirement for ITE graduates to study at PSB Academy?

To study at PSB Academy, ITE graduates must be at least 15 years old and possess a relevant English language qualification and NITEC or higher NITEC certification. However, candidates may be evaluated case-by-case for a select few courses. Enquire with us today to learn more.

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