How Singapore's Education Has Changed Over the Years

Posted on: 07th March, 2023

Singapore’s education system has come a long way since the days of attending school with just a piece of chalk and a blackboard! Today, schools are equipped with the latest technology and resources, allowing students to enjoy a more immersive learning experience than ever. Besides the mode of learning, the focus of education and the fields of study have evolved in tandem, providing a more holistic education for the modern student. Take a trip down memory lane with PSB Academy as we delve into how learning has evolved in Singapore over the years.

1. From Physical to Virtual Classes

Upon the mention of “education”, it almost always conjures up typical images of students seated in a classroom and soaking in all the knowledge your teachers could impart. Indeed, textbooks and blackboards have been a part of the teaching process for centuries.

However, fast forward to today, and you will find a completely transformed learning experience in Singapore, where technology has taken the forefront in shaping the way classes are taught. As technology advances, Singapore has been quick to move away from chalkboards to incorporate new modes of learning. An example is e-learning, formalised teaching with the aid of digital resources, which has been introduced since 1997, making classes more interactive and experiential.

Following the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Singapore also embraced virtual learning more than ever. More classes have transitioned from the physical classroom to online platforms, such as Zoom and Google Meet, which offer students a convenient way to continue their studies under the Covid-19 restrictions.

Local education institutions are also no strangers to progress in this sense. For instance, PSB Academy uses an online learning platform, Blackboard. Through Blackboard, students can continue to share content and make presentations via a shared interactive whiteboard, making learning active and engaging rather than passive. Students can also easily connect, discuss, and carry out group work with their peers. This enables them to enjoy the benefits of a physical classroom with the added convenience and flexibility of choosing their preferred location.

Understanding the varied needs of students, PSB Academy further expanded its programmes to include e-learning courses offered under the institution’s Digital Academy. As a bonus, these online courses cover diverse disciplines, including:

By embracing technology and providing students with a flexible and engaging learning environment, the school keeps in step with the changing needs of the modern learner.

2. A Shift in Focus of Singapore’s Education System

Remember the days where a significant part of school life entails memorising textbook knowledge and preparing for one exam after another? Over the years, Singapore’s education system has taken significant strides in this regard. Teaching has now shifted from drill and practice to nurturing self-directed, digital learners with a joy for learning and creating personalised, collaborative learning experiences.

Schools like PSB Academy have also kept pace with such changes. At  PSB Academy, classes involve a mix of theory and practical, hands-on experiences. Lesson delivery is also supplemented by the use of the Blackboard collaborative online platform.

Additionally, PSB Academy’s Academic Committees continually review and improve the teaching and assessment procedures. To illustrate this, consider the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) transition towards holistically considering students’ capabilities. As part of this shift in focus, plans are underway to replace mid-year examinations for Primary School, Secondary School, Millennia Institute and Junior College levels in Singapore with bite-sized assessments and project works.

In alignment with the MOE’s move, PSB Academy has taken the necessary initiatives with its courses. As a case in point, students under the following Masters’ Degree Programmes offered by the institution are assessed fully based on coursework related to their professional development:

Through these efforts, the school creates a student-centred learning experience that better supports pupils in their educational journey.

3. Diversification of Fields of Study

As new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are introduced, business operations are increasingly automated. Against this backdrop, students are entering an era where jobs that did not exist a decade ago are being created while other positions are being phased out.

To prepare students for the new roles and challenges of the digital age, Singapore’s education system has been adapting accordingly. Besides traditional courses like business, engineering, and logistics, courses for technology-focused, up-and-coming disciplines are now offered in local tertiary education institutions. At PSB Academy, these include:

Through such developments, students in Singapore gain more opportunities to help them acquire skills that empower them to keep up with the times and stay competitive on the global stage.

Gear Up Well for the Future with PSB Academy

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