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Pathways To Pursue After A-Levels

What’s next after finishing your A-Levels? Feeling unsure about the next step in your academic journey? You may find yourself considering a variety of paths, from pursuing degree programmes to enrolling in specialist courses or entering the workforce directly. Amid these myriad of options, PSB Academy emerges as a compelling choice for furthering your academic journey in Singapore.

In collaboration with prestigious universities such as Coventry University, Edith Cowan University, La Trobe University and The University of Newcastle, Australia we offer degree programmes that prepare students not only for higher education but also for diverse career opportunities in numerous fields.

Progression Pathways

Figuring out what to do after A-Levels can be a daunting task. But knowing your interests, strengths, and career aspirations can greatly assist you in deciding the best path to follow.

Where can graduates go after getting their A-Levels results? With strong academic performance and the right marks and grades, you can gain entry into the course of your dreams, setting the foundation for your desired career path. Graduates who passed either 3 subjects at H2 level or 2 subjects at H2 level with up to 2 subjects at H1 level can apply for our Edith Cowan University, La Trobe University or University Of Newcastle, Australia selected Bachelor’s Degree programmes1.

Alternatively, students can join our selected Diploma programmes, which provide them with direct second year entry with our university partners from the UK and Australia.

1 Subject to Universities’ requirements

Degree Programmes at PSB Academy

PSB Academy offers a wide range of bachelor’s degree programmes in collaboration with prestigious universities, catering to the diverse interests of our A-Level graduates. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive and interdisciplinary education that prepares graduates for rewarding careers in various fields, include:

  • Business Management: Degrees focusing on marketing, finance, and human resource management prepare graduates for leadership roles in the global business landscape.
  • STEM Fields:
    • Life Sciences: Programmes in biotechnology and molecular biology  provide a strong foundation for careers in research, product development, and the healthcare industry.
    • Engineering: Courses encompass disciplines such as electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, and engineering.
    • Information Technology: Degrees in areas like cybersecurity, data analytics, and software engineering are available for students interested in the rapidly evolving tech industry.
    • Artificial Intelligence: Recognising the transformative potential of AI, we offer specialised programmes to equip our students with a deep understanding of AI applications, machine learning algorithms, and data processing techniques. This equips them for rewarding careers in a myriad of industries that are increasingly relying on AI for decision-making, automation, and innovation.
  • Media and Communications: Students can study journalism, public relations, and advertising, fostering creativity and developing the necessary skills for thriving in the dynamic world of media.
  • Hospitality and Tourism: Our hospitality and tourism courses prepare students for thriving careers in this dynamic and growing sector.
  • Sports Sciences: For those who aspire to a career in the active and evolving field of sports sciences, our degrees focus on preparing students for roles in sport management, coaching, fitness, and rehabilitation.

Recommended Courses Offered at PSB Academy:

  1. The University Of Newcastle, Australia’s Bachelor of Business
  2. The University Of Newcastle, Australia’s Bachelor of Commerce
  3. The University Of Newcastle, Australia’s Bachelor of Communication
  4. The University of Newcastle, Australia’s Bachelor of Biomedical science
  5. The University Of Newcastle, Australia’s Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours)
  6. The University Of Newcastle, Australia’s Bachelor of Information Technology
  7. Edith Cowan University’s Bachelor of Science (Cyber Security)
  8. La Trobe University’s Bachelor of Biomedical Science
  9. La Trobe University’s Bachelor of Science (Applied Chemistry and Molecular Biology)
  10. La Trobe University’s Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology and Molecular Biology)
  11. La Trobe University’s Bachelor of Science (Molecular Biology and Pharmaceutical Science)
  12. Diploma In Business Administration (Accounting And Finance)
  13. Diploma in Business Administration
  14. Diploma in Blockchain
  15. Diploma in FinTech
  16. Diploma in Business Analytics
  17. Diploma in Business Studies (E-Learning)
  18. Diploma in Business Administration (Digital Marketing)
  19. Diploma in Business Administration (Human Resource Management)
  20. Diploma in Global Supply Chain Management
  21. Diploma in Graphic Design And Media
  22. Diploma in Network Defence and Forensic Countermeasures
  23. Diploma In Mechanical Engineering Technology
  24. Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology
  25. Diploma in Tourism And Hospitality Management
  26. Diploma in InfoComm Technology
  27. Diploma in Media And Communications
  28. Diploma in Sport and Exercise Sciences

Advantages of Pursuing a Degree with PSB Academy

Choosing to pursue a degree with PSB Academy comes with several benefits for A-Level graduates:

  • Flexible study options: Full-time or part-time study options, including e-learning, allow students to balance their education with other commitments.
  • Qualifications From Renowned Universities: Degrees awarded by reputable university partners ensure a high-quality education.
  • Diverse range of disciplines: A wide selection of degree programmes across various fields caters to the unique interests and goals of each student.
  • Supportive learning environment: PSB Academy’s experienced faculty, well-equipped facilities, and student support services contribute to a conducive learning environment.

Finding the Right Course at PSB Academy

PSB Academy caters to A-Level graduates by offering a diverse array of bachelor’s degree courses, in partnership with renowned universities like Coventry University, La Trobe University and The University of Newcastle, Australia. From cyber security to life science and business management to media and communications, we provide tailored educational opportunities for continued growth and success. Enquire with us to learn more about our course offerings and collaborations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pathways After A-Levels

What are the possible pathways for A-Level graduates?

After A-Levels, graduates can pursue undergraduate studies in universities, including bachelor’s degree programmes in diverse fields. Alternatively, they can gain work experience through internships or join professional courses.

How can PSB Academy help A-Level graduates with their educational journey?

PSB Academy offers degree programmes in collaboration with renowned university partners, providing quality education and a diverse range of disciplines to cater to the unique interests of A-Level graduates.

What are the advantages of pursuing a degree with PSB Academy?

Benefits of pursuing a degree with PSB Academy include flexible study options, qualifications from reputable university partners, a diverse range of disciplines, and a supportive learning environment.

Can A-Level graduates apply for degree programmes at PSB Academy?

Yes, A-Level graduates are eligible to apply for degree programmes offered by PSB Academy in partnership with prestigious universities from Australia and the UK.

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