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This Diploma in Blockchain is designed to help students get a gentle introduction of decentralised technologies to a technical understanding of how blockchain works and finally understanding how it can be applied to address real-world problems. This diploma in blockchain course starts off with an overview of blockchain technology under the hood, followed by an introduction to programming and later gaining exposure to the solidity coding language, tools and frameworks used in building a decentralised application.

As participants progress with the course, they will not only learn to appreciate the differences between conventional and decentralised frameworks but apply these techniques in a work scenario. Heavy emphasis on case-studies and projects in the later stages is purposed for this critical understanding. The course will impart fundamental understanding of the technology, both from business and from technological point of view as well. The participants will be able to evaluate use cases, and design and implement solutions using blockchain technology.

Course Highlights

Developed with Industry Collaboration

The curriculum is partially developed and delivered by Merkletrees. ACCESS helps connect graduates with the blockchain industry and community.

Diploma issued on the Ethereum blockchain

Our graduates may send the encrypted and verifiable digital certificate to employers or institutes of higher learning.

Essential Blockchain Skills

Get trained in professional skills such as programming, interacting with decentralised applications and coding real-world blockchain solutions.

Learn from Industry Practitioners

Gain professional insights from our experienced lecturers.

Industry Collaboration

ACCESS is a non-profit organisation for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry in Singapore. Members represent a spectrum of businesses within the Singapore blockchain and cryptocurrency space, including exchanges, merchant transaction services, vending machines suppliers and miners, and abide by a Code of Conduct that is in line with their mission statement.


Merkletrees is a full stack blockchain outfit that does blockchain advocacy, consultancy, certification and education. They design, create, host and roll-out blockchain and blockchain related programs.

Merkletrees educates legislators and regulators about blockchain technology – advising and partaking in outreach efforts for blockchain policy on all levels. They also help their clients in the completion of new blockchain projects and adoption, and in attaining necessary blockchain certifications through advisory and internal capacity building.

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