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We are committed to creating an inclusive environment for our students. Let us know the learning, physical, medical or mental support you need. We will do our best to help make your learning journey more accessible and flexible, even as you strive toward academic excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Learning Support?
    Learning Support is available if you require assistance to your learning process and/or accommodations in examinations. It aims to remove barriers in the process of your learning and in completion of assessment.
  • What are the additional support and exam accommodations?

    Some examples include:

    • Extra time
    • Rest breaks
    • Use of word processing device
    • Segregated room
  • Who is eligible for Learning Support?
    You are encouraged to seek for Learning Support if you have sought professional medical advice and received a diagnosis report.
    If you are a current PSB Academy student and require Learning Support, make an appointment with our counsellor. Some examples of medical conditions are:

    • Sudden Illness or Accidental Injuries
    • Mental Health Issues
    • Chronic Illness and Pain
    • Sensory, Physical or Learning Disabilities
  • What is the application process?
    1. Fill in the Request Form.
    2. Prepare the following documents
      • Diagnosis report
      • Accommodation letter from your previous institution, if any
      • Other relevant medical documents, if any
    3. Make an appointment with our Counsellor at 6390 9214 or email

    Our Counsellor will conduct assessment interview and discuss with you the available learning support that is most suitable for you without hindering the achievement of your academic learning outcomes Academic Integration Plan (AIP) which includes the proposed learning support for you and validity period will be developed. You and your counsellor will acknowledge the AIP before your counsellor forward it to your Programme Executives (related to your course) and the Exam Centre
    The Academics and Exam Centre will automatically be informed of your learning support needs if your AIP
    is within the validity period
    Note: Learning Support request should be submitted at least 6 weeks before your examination to provide adequate time for necessary arrangements to be made.

  • Why is there a validity period in my Academic Integration Plan (AIP)? What does it mean?
    AIP validity period means the period for which you will receive the learning support as stated in your AIP.
    The AIP will lapse, and you will need to request for a new AIP if

    • AIP falls beyond the validity period, and/or
    • You enrolled into a new programme, and/or
    • You switched mode of studies. For example, switching from Part-Time to Full-Time programme
  • Is there a fee imposed for Learning Support?
    Learning Support is available to all current Full-Time and Part-Time PSB Academy students at no charge.
  • Will my medical conditions be reflected in my transcripts?
    No, your learning support request will not appear on your transcripts.
  • How can I request for Learning Support?
    To make an appointment with our Counsellor, please complete the online form here. We will contact you to confirm your appointment.
    Alternatively, you may call, email or walk in to make an appointment or obtain more information about Learning Support with Student Care & Guidance. We are available from Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm in City Campus. We are closed on weekends and public holidays.
    You can reach us at –
    Telephone: 6390 9214
    City Campus: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, #03-200, Singapore 039594

If you require personal counselling services, find out more here.