Going for Gold

What attracted Wendy to PSB Academy instead of other institutions was the duration of its programmes without reducing lecturer-student contact hours. When she decided to further her studies here, little did she realise that she would get more than she bargained for. Though she had no background in Information Technology (IT) before she enrolled in the Bachelor of Information Technology with The University of Newcastle, Australia (UON), it didn’t stop her from eventually achieving the gold medal award from Singapore Computer Society (SCS).


Ww   Receiving Of Award From Uon

Wendy receiving the Gold Medal Award from Singapore Computer Society (SCS)


Wendy chose to study IT as her major because upon learning that technology is integrated into many aspects of our lives, she wanted to understand better about how it works, what problems many people in the IT industry currently face, and how she could help solve them.


Along the way, Wendy felt that her biggest obstacle was her lack of knowledge of IT compared to her peers in the class. Thankfully, the encouragement she received from her parents and friends motivated her to persevere in her studies. She is also grateful for the guidance from her seniors and lecturers, whom she said, “are very approachable, and they would help us in any way they can”.


When she was named one of the recipients of the SCS gold medal, she was surprised and honoured. “It was highly motivating,” she recalled. “It encouraged me to keep doing my best.” She aims to pursue the business and social sides of IT and become a competent worker after her graduation.


Ww   Dance Club (cropped)

Wendy (in pink top) with fellow Dance Club members at SPECTRUM: The Carnival of Colours at *scape in March 2019


Besides her studies, Wendy pursues her passion in dancing by performing in events as a member of PSB Academy Dance Club. She has learnt to manage her time by finding a balance while prioritising her studies above her activities at the dance club. “I think dancing will always be my passion that I’ll develop further even after I graduate,” she enthused.


In addition to the satisfaction of doing what she loves, Wendy appreciates the opportunity to develop soft skills as part of the holistic education that she receives. “Some of the things that added value to my personal development are group projects and joining STA clubs in PSB Academy, which taught me teamwork, leadership, efficiency, and many more,” she recounted. “The events held by PSB Academy, such as career fairs, talks and seminars, have helped me in building my character and broadening my network.” She also counted being appointed the president of SCS UON Student Chapter as one of the two major events in her university life, other than winning the gold medal award.


Ww   With Friends

Wendy (2nd from left) with the committee members of SCS at our  STEM Campus


By now, some of you may be curious to know what set of principles Wendy has adhered to that has helped her in achieving her success.


“I believe that there will always be a solution to everything,” she revealed. “If I’m unable to discover it on my own, I always make an effort to seek for help from those who are more experienced and knowledgeable.”


In summing up her memorable time studying with PSB Academy, Wendy said, “It has been very fun and a good experience for me. I would have never thought that I would be enjoying my university life this much.”